Adventures in Family Histroy

I’ve found transported convicts in my tree

Ezekeil Beebee was born in Walsall and baptised at St. Matthews Church on 16 Jun 1811, he was the son of William Beebee and Sarah Mason. His trade was a cordwainer but he joined the army and was sent to Canada with 24th reg of foot to help keep down the insurgents and stop uprisings. The conditions were really bad with outbreaks of cholera. Many men deserted and Ezekeil was one of them in 1832.

A brief description of 24th Reg of Foot’s time in Canada.
On 23 July 1829, after a brief period in Lancashire preparing for their third trip to North America, the 1st Battalion departed Manchester by canal boat arriving at Paddington four days later. During the tedious nine weeks crossing the Atlantic, the Regiment’s Colonel, Sir David Baird died.
In October 1829 the regiment began a twelve-year sojourn in Upper and Lower Canada. It participated in the suppression of an insurgency in the valley of the Richelieu River at the end of 1837 and the suppression of the Rebellion of 1838 in the Montreal area.
When ordered home to Britain in June 1841 it left almost 200 men behind as voluntary reinforcements for other regiments in Canada. This was in addition to hundreds of men who had deserted in the previous twelve years – 111 deserters in the years 1837 and 1838 alone.

The sort of uniform Ezekiel would have worn

On 3rd Oct 1832 he was court martialled at Kingston, in Canada and sentenced to 21 years. He was sent back to England and spent 4 years imprisoned on a Hulk ship called ‘The Levitian’ in Portsmouth.

They laboured at the docks during the day and were locked up on board at night in filthy conditions.

He was transported to New South Wales, Australia on ‘The Norfolk’ which departed 27th Oct 1836. They arrived on 12th Feb 1837.

The convict indents stated that Ezekeil Beebee was aged 25, he could read & write, he was a protestant, and single. He was from Staffordshire. He was a shoemaker and soldier, who was tried for desertion at Kingston, Canada court martial 16 Jan 1836 and sentenced to 21 years. He had no former convictions. His complexion was ruddy & pockpitted, brown hair and dark blue eyes. He had lost canine teeth on the left side of upper jaw and had a mole on his left cheek, a small mole on right side of mouth. Tattoos: Crown and E B in a wreath on upper right arm, a woman on upper left arm. Scar betwixt fore finger and thumb on left hand, ring and scar third finger of the same. Sun under left arm.

From the general muster it states that his master was P S Inches of Patricks Plains. He would have to work for him during the day and be locked up at night.
His ticket of leave (TOL) issued on 30 April 1847 it stated that he was allowed to remain in the service of Mr. Edward Brown at the McIntyre River for 18 months. He would now be able to earn wages. and have a little more freedom.

But, his TOL was cancelled 16th April 1851 due to being absent from district. That means he would be locked up again.

His TOL was again refused 30 Aug 1851. After this we don’t know what happened to Ezekeil Beebee.

Are there any Australian readers out there who can tell me what happened next to Ezekeil Beebee?

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