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My Sealy / Sealey family history problems!

I am struggling to sort out the families of two people named Luke born within 4 years of each other in the same area of Worcestershire. Redditch, which was the centre of needle making and fish hook and fishing tackle manufacturing. The Sealey’s spelt in various ways (Sealey, Sealy, Seely, Selle and Sele) turn up all over the Redditch area of Worcestershire including Tardebigg, Webheath, Headless Cross, Crabbs Cross, Feckenham and Bromsgrove. I’m sure these two Luke’s must be cousins, but several people on Ancestry have attached Luke Sealey born abt. 1771 to my 5x gt. grandparents Luke and Esther Sealy of Feckenham. Whereas my Luke Sealy (my 4x gt. grandfather) was born in 1775 also in Feckenham.

This presumed cousin Luke Sealey married Agnes Mills on the 1 Jan 1793 at St. John The Baptist Feckenham but they don’t appear to have had any children. Agnes died 21 Jan 1802 at Feckenham. Luke then married again, this time to Ann Guest who was born in 1778. They married at Holy Trinity Church, Belboughton on 1 Oct 1802. They had six children, Elizabeth 1803, Thomas 1807, John 1811, William 1815, Ann 1816, James 1821.

Holy trinity church Belbroughton

We find Luke next on the 1841 census living at 20 Beoley Lane, Redditch, Tardebigg, Worcestershire. With wife Ann, and daughter Ann and son James both needle makers. The other children having left and married etc. Luke died in 1848 and is buried at Nesley, Worcestershire aged 77.

I do find it irritating when I see other people’s Ancestry trees with my ancestors attached to the wrong parent etc. There are about six or more trees on Ancestry that have attached this wrong Luke to my 5x gt. Grandparents. I want to contact them and tell them their mistake but, until I know just who this Luke’s real parents are, there doesn’t seem much point. They don’t seem to have noticed that they married different people and have different names for their children. They must just look at a hint and click without checking who they are joining their family to?

My Luke Sealy (my 4xgt. Grandfather) was bapt. At Feckenham 8 Oct 1775 the son of Luke Sealy (1747-1808) and Esther Hawthorn 1745-?)
My Luke Sealy married Elizabeth Harris by banns on 1 Aug 1803 at St. John the Baptist Feckenham and had at least 3 children Ann 1804, Catherine 1805 (my 3x gt grandmother) and Hannah 1807

St. John the Baptist Feckenham

On Friday last week I visited the Society of Genealogists and searched the written transcriptions of Feckenham parish records and noted down every instance of the name Sealy and variations in the area since their records began. Then I spent Sunday sorting out which children belonged to which parent’s marriages. I came up with loads more Sealey families in the same area, but no solution to my two Lukes. So next time I will be writing down all the Sealy/ Sealey etc of all the surrounding villages to see if that solves my problem.
So, if anyone out there has any ancestors named Sealy (any spellings) in the Redditch area and can shed some light on my problem, I’d be very pleased to hear from them. Thanks

Helpful Links:

Society of Genealogists

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